Anupama 17th July 2023 Written Episode Update


In the episode of “Anupama” aired on 17th July 2023, we witness a powerful display of a mother’s love. Anupama, the protagonist, finds herself in a dilemma. She has to choose between her role as a mother and her aspirations as a student. This episode is a testament to the fact that a mother’s love is unparalleled and can make her sacrifice even her dreams for her child.

Anupama is worried as she hasn’t heard from Malti and fears that Nakul might be busy canceling the result. Amidst her concerns, she has a realization. She understands that in life, one has to make quick decisions. She shares her thoughts with Anuj, explaining that she had to choose between her role as a mother and her aspirations as a student. She chose motherhood.

Anupama explains that she had been ignoring the signals given by God to stop her journey. She had failed to ignore Maya, who was worried about Anu. Anupama decided to return for Anu, her child. She is concerned about how she will make Malti understand her decision.

A power cut occurs, and Malti checks Nakul’s voice message. She learns that Anupama is in Ahmedabad. Malti is upset and believes that a teacher’s blessing can become a curse if the teacher is not happy. Meanwhile, Anupama’s family is worried about her. They want to know the truth behind her sudden return.

Malti enters the house, and Anupama apologizes to her. Malti, however, is angry and slaps Anupama. Anuj tries to intervene, but Anupama stops him. Malti announces her hatred for Anupama and takes away her rights as a student. Anuj, Leela, and Vanraj take Anupama’s side, but Anupama asks them to stop. She requests Malti to give her a chance to explain her actions.

Anupama then explains her decision to everyone. She tells them that she had to sacrifice everything for her child as a mother. She chose Anu over her dream of going to the USA. She tells Malti that she might be considered crazy for missing a chance to go to the USA, but Anu’s happiness matters the most for her. She couldn’t live happily in the USA knowing that Anu misses her.

The episode ends with a shocking revelation. Malti accuses Anuj of stopping Anupama from going to the USA. Anupama explains that she returned not just for Anu, but also for Maya. Everyone is left shocked by her revelation.

This episode of “Anupama” beautifully portrays the strength of a mother’s love. It shows that a mother can go to any extent for her child’s happiness, even if it means sacrificing her dreams. Anupama’s decision to choose Anu over her aspirations is a testament to her love for her child. It is a powerful message that resonates with everyone who watches it.

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