Anupama 18th July 2023 Written Episode Update


In the episode of “Anupama” aired on 18th July 2023, we witness a heart-touching narrative of a mother’s love and sacrifice. Anupama, the story’s protagonist, finds herself in a situation where she has to make a difficult choice.

A Mother’s Love

Anupama tells Gurumaa that any mother, whether old-fashioned like Leela or modern like Kavya and Kinjal, would have chosen her child over her dreams. She emphasizes that a mother can become modern but can’t be selfish. She believes that if mothers become selfish, nothing won’t be left in this world. Anupama’s words reflect a mother’s immense love and care for her child.

The Power of Women

Anupama also talks about the importance of women’s power. She mentions that women’s power is prioritized even in their holy scriptures. She describes how great a mother is and hopes that Gurumaa will understand her one day. This part of the episode highlights the strength and resilience of women, especially mothers.

The Guilt and Sacrifice

Anupama feels guilty about Maaya’s death and believes she is responsible. She explains that Maaya died trying to save her, and if Maaya hadn’t saved her, she would have been the one who died. This guilt haunts Anupama, and she sacrifices her dreams for Maaya’s daughter. She believes this is the least she can do to repay Maaya’s sacrifice.

Anupama’s Decision

Anupama’s decision to return was solely hers. She didn’t want to stop and was doing every effort possible, but when Maaya came, she realized that she was going to make a big mistake. She was in guilt that her Bebli lost her mother because of her. She recalls sitting in the flight and remembering each family member encouraging her not to stop at any cost. But she had to stop the flight mid-air and escape because of her guilt and the panic attack she got remembering Maaya’s request.

The Aftermath

In the next episode, we will see how Anupama’s decision affects everyone around her. Leela says whether Anupama did right or wrong, Malti Devi will surely do wrong. Vanraj says it will directly affect them all. Anuj tells Ankush that he will not let Malti Devi harm Anupama. Gurumaa thinks Anupama thinks being a mother is her biggest strength, but it’s her weakness, and she will attack on that weakness.

This episode of “Anupama” beautifully portrays the love and sacrifice of a mother. It shows how a mother can do anything for her child, even sacrificing her dreams. It also highlights the strength and resilience of women. Anupama’s story is a testament to the power of a mother’s love.

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