Anupama 21st July 2023 Written Update


In the episode of ‘Anupama’ that aired on 21st July 2023, Anupama attempts to uplift Anu’s spirits following recent events involving Dimple and Samar. Samar confronts Dimple about her refusal to acknowledge her mistakes, but Dimple defends herself and justifies her actions to the media. Leela expresses concern over Dimple potentially hurting Samar, while Kinjal and Kavya suggest avoiding arguments within couples. Paritosh holds Dimple accountable for the problems, causing Samar to label her as thankless. However, their argument is interrupted by a shocking phone call received by Samar.

Meanwhile, Anu brings Barkha and Adhik to the house, and Anupama offers them cake. Anuj, also present, mentions the newspaper, but Anupama tries to prevent him from seeing it. Eventually, Anuj discovers the truth and contacts the media for an apology. Anupama confesses to hiding the truth and explains that she was hurt by Dimple’s announcement.

The episode concludes with Malti persuading Anupama to dance to an item song, hinting at a potential development in their relationship.

Anu’s Emotional State

Anu’s emotional state is a significant aspect of the ongoing events in the episode. Her happiness and well-being have been a central focus for Anupama and the other characters. Throughout the episode, Anu’s emotions fluctuate between moments of joy and moments of sadness.

She is initially happy when Barkha and Adhik come to visit and she gets to feed cake to Barkha. However, her happiness is short-lived when she accidentally spills juice and feels the need to clean up the mess. Despite this setback, Anu remains resilient and tries to maintain a positive attitude.

Her happiness is contagious, as Ankush mentions that her happiness changes the vibe in the house. Overall, Anu’s emotional state plays a crucial role in shaping the atmosphere and dynamics of the episode.

Samar’s Confrontation

Samar confronts Dimple about her refusal to acknowledge her mistake, leading to a heated exchange between them.

Samar expresses his disappointment and questions Dimple’s justification of her statement to the media.

Dimple defends herself, arguing that she didn’t do anything wrong and stands by her words.

The conversation becomes intense as Samar accuses Dimple of being thankless and questions why he came back empty-handed.

Their argument escalates, with both parties becoming defensive and unwilling to back down.

The tense atmosphere creates a sense of animosity between them, highlighting the underlying issues in their relationship.

The confrontation reveals the growing divide between Samar and Dimple, leaving their future uncertain and adding further strain to their already troubled dynamic.

Anuj’s Apology

Anuj takes responsibility for his actions and offers a sincere apology to the media. He acknowledges the mistake he made by calling the media without considering the consequences. With a genuine tone, he expresses his regret for his impulsive behavior and seeks forgiveness from the public.

Anuj understands the importance of accountability and realizes that his actions have caused harm to Anupama’s reputation. He emphasizes his commitment to rectifying the situation and promises to learn from his mistake. Anuj’s apology showcases his maturity and willingness to take ownership of his actions.

He hopes that his sincere apology will help repair the damage caused and restore Anupama’s dignity in the eyes of the media and the public.

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