Anupama 24th July 2023 Written Episode Update


The 24th July 2023 episode of the television show ‘Anupama’ depicts various concerns and fears among the characters. Vanraj’s inability to sleep and Leela’s worry about Malti Devi’s actions contribute to the prevailing tension.

Anupama, being a Kapadia, harbors the belief that Anuj will handle Malti Devi. Still, she also expresses apprehension regarding her family’s safety. Anuj reassures Anupama and assures her that everything will eventually be resolved.

Meanwhile, Samar faces job-related troubles as he finds himself blacklisted by the dancers association, leading him to worry about his future in the dance industry. Anupama also voices her concerns about Malti Devi, fearing that gurumaa may cause harm to her children. She prays for Samar’s success and seeks forgiveness from gurumaa.

The unexpected decision of Dimpy to sign a contract with Malti Devi shocks everyone, generating disappointment and concern among the viewers. Some viewers criticize Anupama’s character development, while others question the show’s declining quality and storyline development.

Leela’s Concerns

Leela is deeply concerned about Malti Devi’s actions and the potential consequences for their family, particularly their business. She expresses her fear, worrying about how this situation could impact their livelihood. Leela also mentions Vanraj’s sleeplessness, suggesting that his thoughts about Malti Devi are keeping him awake at night. This highlights the extent to which the current circumstances affect the family. Leela wonders what will happen to them, considering Anupama is a Kapadia and Anuj will handle Malti Devi. However, she also acknowledges the vulnerability their family faces in this situation. These concerns are expressed in a simplistic and immature style, using limited vocabulary. Nonetheless, they underscore the seriousness of the situation and the potential negative repercussions it could have on their family.

Anuj’s Support

Anuj’s unwavering support becomes evident as he cheers up the distressed family members with his thoughtful gestures and reassuring words. He plays a song and prepares tea for Anupama, which brings a smile to her face after a long time.

They plan to visit the Shah house with a chartered accountant and Pakhi, showing Anuj’s willingness to help them in their time of need. Anupama expresses her worries about the situation, but Anuj assures her that everything will be alright, displaying his optimistic outlook.

Anuj’s support not only uplifts Anupama but also provides a sense of comfort to the rest of the family. His presence and positive attitude are a source of strength for them during this difficult period.

Samar’s Job Troubles

Samar’s job prospects are uncertain as he informs his family about being blacklisted by the dancers association and expresses his worries about not being able to find any dance-related employment. This situation causes him distress, and he confides in his family members, seeking their support.

His brother Toshu assures him that they will rectify the situation, offering him hope. Additionally, his sister-in-law Kinjal suggests the idea of starting a dance academy as an alternative solution.

However, Samar’s friend Dimpy criticizes him for being jobless, comparing him to his brother Toshu. This criticism adds to Samar’s anxieties and makes him question his abilities.

With limited vocabulary and a simplistic style, the uncertain nature of Samar’s job prospects is highlighted, emphasizing the challenges he faces in finding suitable employment in the dance field.

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