Imlie 24th July 2023 Written Episode Update


In the 24th July 2023 episode of the popular TV show ‘Imlie,’ the protagonist, Imlie, achieves a significant milestone in her life by securing a job after undergoing a job interview at a marketing company. During this interview, she successfully persuades a challenging client to pay the delivery charges, thus impressing the interviewer. As a result of her strong performance, she is offered a night shift position with a salary of 50000 rs.

However, Imlie displays hesitancy in accepting the job without seeking guidance from her surrogate family, the Rana’s. Atharva, Imlie’s brother, expresses opposition and denies his support. In her quest for assistance, Imlie turns to her friend Devika, who agrees to take care of Kairi, Imlie’s sister, in her absence. Additionally, Imlie receives support from her friends Rudra, Shivani, Ginny, Manish, Divya, and Akash, who offer to visit her house every night.

Nevertheless, a near accident involving Kairi generates tension between Imlie and Atharva, leading to a heated argument regarding Kairi’s safety. The episode update, credited to MA and shared on various social media platforms, highlights these significant events.

Imlie’s Impact on Living Conditions

Imlie’s conversation with Atharva revealed that Atharva acknowledged the impact Imlie had on Kairi’s living conditions. During their conversation, Atharva mentioned how Imlie’s presence had significantly improved Kairi’s living conditions.

This acknowledgment from Atharva indicates that Imlie’s efforts and presence in the Rana house have positively affected Kairi’s well-being and overall living conditions. It shows that Imlie’s presence has not gone unnoticed and that she has made a tangible difference in Kairi’s life.

This acknowledgement also highlights the importance of Imlie’s role in the Rana family and the positive influence she has had on them. Overall, this conversation between Imlie and Atharva provides insight into Imlie’s impact on Kairi’s living conditions.

Job Interview and Task

During the job interview, Imlie successfully completes a task to convince a difficult client to pay delivery charges. The interviewer assigns her the task of persuading the client, and Imlie approaches it with determination. She displays her convincing skills and manages to convince the client to pay the necessary charges. This demonstrates her ability to think on her feet and handle challenging situations.

The interviewer is impressed with her performance and offers her a night shift job with a salary of 50000 rs. Imlie considers seeking help from the Rana family to make the job feasible for her.

This task showcases Imlie’s potential and her capability to excel in a professional setting.

Opposition and Assistance

Opposition to Imlie’s decision to accept the job offer arises from Atharva, who expresses disagreement and refuses to support her plan. Atharva disagrees with Imlie’s choice and questions her decision-making abilities. He refuses to acknowledge the job offer from an all-women organization, showing a lack of understanding and empathy.

Despite Imlie seeking Devika’s assistance in taking care of Kairi, Atharva remains adamant in his opposition. His refusal to support Imlie showcases a limited perspective and a lack of consideration for her personal growth and financial independence. Atharva’s immature and simple-minded response fails to recognize the importance of Imlie’s career aspirations and the potential benefits for their family.

This opposition highlights the challenges Imlie faces in navigating her personal and professional life.

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