Titli 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update

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The episode of “Titli” that aired on 21st July 2023 was filled with unexpected twists and turns. The episode began with Titli, the main character, questioning Koyal about her absence. Koyal, trying to hide her emotions, lied about staying back to handle the arrangements.

The Grah Pravesh Ceremony

In Indian tradition, a Grah Pravesh ceremony is performed when someone enters a new house for the first time. Koyal instructed Titli to perform the Grah Pravesh by throwing rice, tipping over a kalash (a pot), and stepping into a plate of vermillion. However, Titli stumbled during the ceremony, and Koyal was there to help her. This moment was filled with mixed emotions as Maina, another character, felt upset because she had also prepared a vermillion plate for the ceremony.

The Teasing and Banter

The episode also had its light-hearted moments. Monica, a playful character, stopped Garv and Titli from going to their room and teased Garv by asking for shagun (a gift given during Indian ceremonies). Garv played along and gave them money. Later, Garv and Titli shared a sweet banter in their room, where Garv showered Titli with rose petals, and they teased each other.

The Unexpected Twist

However, the happiness didn’t last long. Garv noticed a bracelet on Titli’s wrist with Rahul’s name on it. This bracelet was a part of Hiral’s plan to create misunderstandings between Titli and Garv. Hiral had received a letter and a gift from Rahul for Titli, but she had misplaced the apology letter and made Titli wear the bracelet without telling her about Rahul. This led to a heated argument between Titli and Garv, leaving Titli in tears.

The Next Day

The next day, Titli tried to lighten the mood by teasing Garv, but he was still upset. Meanwhile, Maina and Koyal had a confrontation with Alpa, who was mocking them. Despite the tension, Maina supported Koyal and praised her for handling the rituals well.

The Cliffhanger

The episode ended on a cliffhanger. Garv barged in angrily when Paresh was scolding Titli. He defended Titli and raised his hand on Paresh, leaving everyone in shock.

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