Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th July 2023 Written Episode Update


The 24th July 2023 episode of the television drama ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ explores the emotional journey of the characters Akshu and Abhinav. The episode delves into the impact of a court order that restricts Akshu from meeting her son, Abhir, on weekends.

This order triggers a range of emotional reactions from Akshu, leading to her expressing anger and frustration. Simultaneously, Abhir experiences disappointment when he arrives at school expecting to see his mother but encounters a new music teacher instead.

Despite initial reluctance, Akshu and Abhinav decide to go to Kasauli for a change of scenery. However, as they are preparing to leave, Abhir goes missing, causing concern and panic among the Birla family.

This episode highlights the complex emotions experienced by Akshu and Abhinav, the innocent actions of the children, and the need for resolution and a positive outcome for the family.

Akshu’s Happiness and Court Order

The court order restricting Akshu from meeting Abhir on weekends has made Akshu very sad. She used to be very happy when Abhir sang for her. Now, she can’t spend that special time with him anymore. It’s not fair!

Akshu is upset and doesn’t understand why this is happening to her. She throws things and gets angry because she is so frustrated. It’s just not right!

Akshu and Abhinav cry a lot because of this court order. They don’t know what to do. Akshu doesn’t want to leave Abhir and go to Kasauli, but Abhinav says it will make Abhir happy.

It’s so sad and unfair that Akshu can’t be with Abhir like she used to.

Impact of the Court Order

The court order that says Akshu can’t meet Abhir on weekends has a big impact on them. It makes us think about what’s fair and unfair. Akshu gets really upset and throws things around. She asks why this is happening to her.

Abhinav and Akshu cry a lot because of the court order. Manish says it’s his fault and suggests going to Kasauli. Akshu doesn’t want to leave Abhir, but Abhinav says going to Kasauli is best for Abhir’s happiness.

Abhir goes to school and is sad because Akshu isn’t there. Abhi comes home and wants to talk to Akshu, but she and Abhinav decide to go to Kasauli. Then the police come to the Birla house.

So, the court order is really affecting Akshu and Abhir’s relationship and causing a lot of problems.

Emotional Reactions and Decision Making

Emotional reactions towards the court order and subsequent decision-making processes are depicted in the storyline.

The characters in the show display their distress and confusion in response to the court order. They question why this is happening to them and express their frustration through anger and tears.

The emotions are portrayed in a dramatic and exaggerated manner, highlighting the characters’ vulnerability and helplessness.

The decision-making process is also shown in a simplistic way, with characters making choices based on their immediate emotions rather than considering long-term consequences.

This immaturity in decision-making is emphasized through the characters’ limited vocabulary and lack of understanding of the complexity of the situation.

Overall, the storyline portrays the characters’ emotional turmoil and their impulsive decision-making in a simplistic and immature manner.

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